Friday, 5 October 2012

Great Zimbabwe

The Great Zimbabwe is situated in Masvingo, the capital of Masvingo Province.  This late Iron Age monument was constructed by the Rozvi people. The word 'Great' distinguishes the monument from other small monuments in the valley.  It is one of the tourist attractions among Victoria Falls, Chinhoyi Canes, etc.  This monument house many people most of who were stone carvers.  The most important carvings, which later became Zimbabwe`s National Emblem, are the eight birds.  Amazingly, the walls of this invaluable structure were built of stone without mortar, which fascinated early European explorers.

The Zimbabwe Bird

Great Zimbabwe housed eight carvings of these birds, but early explorers plundered the carvings and left onely one, which was still there at Independence.  The Zimbabwe Bird is the National Emblem and is found on the National Flag, Zim notes and coins, government documents, and many other places.


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